Kitchen with french door ovenRenovating your kitchen? Looking for a new wall oven? Replacing an old, worn out oven? No matter what the reason you’re looking for a new oven, you want to find one that works great and looks beautiful in your kitchen.

For the best in function, technology, and looks, you definitely need to consider a French Door Wall Oven. Not only do they look beautiful, but they perform well enough to belong in any gourmet kitchen!

Want A Luxury Kitchen?  Think French Door Wall Oven!

We were making plans to start renovating our house, and a new 1st floor plan with a large, beautiful kitchen was right on the top of the list. Everything in the kitchen was going to be replaced–cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances!

This was extremely exciting for me, and I was going to finally be able to get rid of all my mismatched appliances and have my new rustic luxury kitchen with all brand new stainless steel models. (I don’t think rustic luxury is a real design term, lol, I’m not design savvy at all.) But it best described the vision I had in my head for our beautiful 15-acre rural property, and I went with it–rustic luxury!

When I started looking for an oven, I knew I wanted a wall oven. The first house we ever bought had one, and I’d loved it! So I started looking around and saw some nice ones that had some great features. But then, whoa! I came across a model that stood out from the rest, and my decision was made then and there–a french door wall oven!

The look of it was fantastic, it was classic and modern at the same time. Now before I got too excited, I knew I’d have to check out the function and quality of these ovens. No matter how great something might look in my kitchen, if it doesn’t perform well, it won’t take long before the shine wears off!

So here are the important features I looked for when choosing my wall oven:

~   Consistent temperature performance–If I set it at 350° to make my daughter’s favorite banana bread, I want it to be 350°. All ovens may need to be adjusted slightly when new, but once the temperature is set, it needs to be consistent and reliable!

~   Large enough–When we’re lucky enough to have everybody home for Thanksgiving, there’s quite a crowd! So if I get a 25 lb. turkey, I want it to fit nicely and not be figuring out how to get it in there.

~   Easy to understand controls–I once had an oven with all the latest and greatest technology at the time, but I felt like I spent more time trying to figure out how to use it than I did actually cooking something! Granted, I have been known to be technology challenged at times, but I just want an oven that I don’t have to keep the instruction manual on the counter forever.

~   Convenience Features–I love built-in temperature probes, warming modes, delayed start, timers, basically things that make cooking and baking easier!

~   Self steam cleaning–I know self-cleaning has always been popular, but for me it always took too long and I didn’t like the odor. My sister has an oven with a steam cleaning option I’ve seen in action, and I love it, so that’s an option I wanted.GE French Door Oven

~   Smart control options–I admit it, I’m not too big into all the “smart” devices out now. But when I’ve got my hands in a bowl mixing meatloaf or breading chicken, there is a definite benefit to being able to control my oven with voice activation. Not having these controls wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but they were definitely on my wish list! With my list in hand, I set out to find my ideal french door wall oven!

Our #1 Recommendation That You’ll Love!

I tell you, this is one terrific looking oven. The sleek stainless steel, the simplicity of the controls, and the classic styling would give a luxury look to any kitchen–or rustic luxury in my case! But the look of this oven is only the half of it. The GE Cafe French Door Oven has all the features that I could want and then some!

~ The french doors slide smoothly and are connected, so they work together and can be opened with one hand. There’s no awkwardness in getting pans in and out of the oven like with a regular pull down door.

~ The oven controls are clear and easy to operate:

~ The 5.0 cubic feet of cooking space is more than enough room to cook large items–I’ll definitely have no trouble with a large turkey this Thanksgiving! ~ It has True European Convection with direct air. There is a 3rd heating element and a variable speed fan to make your convection cooking faster than ever.

~ The GE Cafe French Door Oven has the self steam cleaning option I was looking for! ~ If you love to broil as much as I do, you’ll love the 10 pass dual broiler element–in fact it covers more area than any I’ve looked at.

~ 1 Heavy duty roller rack holds up to 50 lbs. along with 2 other roller racks, and they can stay in place for self-cleaning.

~ This oven can connect with WiFi–another item on my wish list!

Overall, I can say that this french door oven exceeded my expectations–Looks + Performance = A fantastic oven!

Double French Door Wall Oven Now Available

Need more oven capacity for your family? Last year GE went one step farther in their french door line up by coming out with their double oven! This beautiful oven doubles your capacity to 10 cubic feet, you have plenty of cooking space for even the largest of families.

The lower oven has a traditional pull down door and all the great features that the top french door oven has. The capacity, the function, and the looks–you’ll definitely want to check this one out!

Reviews And Consumer Reports Rating

Consumer Reports and the reviews from customers who’ve bought the GE Cafe French Door Oven also verify the quality you’ll get with this oven. The Consumer Reports rating is 89 and summarized it’s testing with “Overall, this wall oven was Excellent” and “This model had no performance flaws noted.”

The average review on GE’s website is a rating of 4.9 out of 5, and on Amazon the average review is 4.8 out of 5. Here are some of the things that GE customers had to say about this oven:

“We love this oven. Having double doors makes placing and retrieving food so much easier. It’s safer for my cookie baking grandson”

“Purchased 3 months ago and I am loving it. So easy to use and remove my hot items.”

“We bought this to go in our new kitchen and it is awesome!”

Looking for a french door countertop oven?  See our #1 recommendation at Oster French Door Countertop Oven–The Best For 2020.

Make Your Next Oven A French Door Wall Oven!

The next time you’re looking to replace your oven or add some luxury to a kitchen remodel, I definitely recommend that you consider a french door wall oven. When you check out the  GE Cafe French Door Wall Oven I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Have you seen a french door wall oven? Are you looking to replace your oven any time soon? Let me know what you’re thinking about in the comments below–I’d love your opinion!

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